The best of both worlds

I knew I wanted to wear this red jacket to work today but not in a really dressy way. I wanted something in between casual and dressy because sometimes I can’t make up my mind, which is otherwise defined as business casual. I find that no matter what I wear with these dark wash skinny jeans, it always feels a little more stylish. And high heels and a t-shirt always solve the need for both dressy and casual.
Forever 21 jacket; H&M top; American Eagle jeans; Nine West shoes

Thanksgiving outfit

If I look sleepy, I blame the turkey. For Thanksgiving I wanted to get dressed up without wearing my go-to leggings and sweater dress, which I admit is amazingly comfortable. I also wanted a color that felt like fall to me. I had been eying this skirt from Forever 21 for some time now, but could never really justify the purchase until I felt the need to get something new for this holiday. Now that I have it I have an endless list of possibilities for it. It will definitely be used a lot. 
Target turtleneck; Forever 21 skirt; Nine West shoes; J.Crew, gifted, vintage pearls

Noticing the similar color pattern in our outfits, I couldn’t help but force my older sister to take a picture with me. You can see we had the same colors in mind, but very different styles.

Difficult dressing

I recently had the unfortunate experience of attending a friend’s father’s funeral. As someone who usually enjoys getting dressed every morning this was not one of those days, nonetheless, appropriate dress was required. I really don’t think it is necessary to involve any type of style or thrill into dressing for an occasion such as this. One should be as understated as possible so as not to take attention away from the situation at hand. That does not mean throw on every possible item of clothing you own that is black. I usually like to use one piece that is very neutral to compliment the black and break it up because unless you are trying to make a statement by wearing all black, then I think wearing all black can be rather unflattering. And making a statement is not what you want to do. Looking good is obviously not the main objective in a situation like this, but I think you should wear what makes you feel most comfortable and what will best help you through the situation. I always feel better when I know I look good. It instantly gives me more confidence, and I think in a way it says, this event is important to me and to remembering that person, so I am going to put my best foot forward; however it is that you decide to do so is up to you.
NY&Co coat; H&M top; Nordstrom cardigan; Skirt (gift); Vintage Ann Taylor shoes; Tights (?)

Sequin show

I was rummaging through the abyss of Marshalls when I came across this sequin skirt in the middle of the sweaters. It was obviously meant to be. I like that the sequins appear to be matte, and not too shiny or cheap. At $24.95, this skirt is much more affordable than J.Crew’s sequin skirt, featured here. I confess that I will always love J.Crew’s skirt more. Attempting not to make this a Siegfried & Roy ensemble, I paired it with more subdued colors. It was the perfect little touch of sparkle for my friend’s house warming party this weekend.
H&M sweater; Marshalls skirt; Hue tights; J.Crew necklace; Nine West shoes

New member reception

Sorry for the weird lighting in these photos. I forgot my camera earlier today, and I had to take them at the art museum while at its new member reception. The museum has been undergoing major renovations over the last 5 years. The East Wing, which contains the impressionist and contemporary art, my favorite, was one of the latest wings to reopen, renovated and better than before. Part of the event included a quick guided tour of the East Wing. We stopped in one of my favorite rooms of the East Wing, the room with all of the Monet’s, Water Lilies being among them. I feel very lucky to live in a city that has a world-renowned art museum.
Forever 21 sweater, dress and leggings; Banyan Tree necklace; Target shoes; Silver Mine watch and bracelet  

Layering necklaces and faux bob

I can officially say that this army green, military-style shirt is something I have worn a lot. Who knew while shopping in the men’s section of J.Crew I would find such a wardrobe staple. Also, I never thought of this color as versatile, but it pretty much can handle anything I can throw at it. I can even wear this shirt wrinkled, which is not usually something I can stomach. I decided to pair this rough shirt with a gaudy amount of pearls. I had yet to try layering all of my pearl necklaces on top of each other. I really like how all of the different colors, sizes, and strands look together. I also tried a faux-bob by tying a loose, low ponytail and twisting the ponytail up and tucking it underneath the bunched up hair.

J.Crew men’s shirt and necklace; Vintage pearl necklace; Long pearl strand (gift); H&M pants; Vintage Ann Taylor shoes; Target turtleneck

Peacock strutting

There is nothing I love more than finding a piece of clothing or jewelry that I know I can’t live without and then finding out that that thing is about as cheap as ordering several items on the 99 cent menu at Burger King. There is also nothing I love more than the 99 cent menu at Burger King. I picked up these antique-looking peacock earrings at Forever 21 the other day, and I am finding any and every excuse to wear them. Look at them, strutting their stuff!
H&M sweater; Target scarf; Loft tights; Franco Sarto boots; American Apparel skirt; Forever 21 earrings; Vintage bracelet (gift)