Falling Waters

(Prepare to see touristy photos of me in front of Falling Waters.)
The boy and I made the trip up to Falling Waters this weekend. It was a surprise trip for our 4-year anniversary weekend extravaganza. I have always wanted to see this Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece tucked away in the woods, and it definitely lived up to expectations. Once owned by the Kaufmanns (the same Kaufmanns who owned the department stores), it has many extravagant features including a fireplace, fur rugs, and wax-covered stone floors, but it also has the practicality and functionality of a vacation home such as the surplus of windows to let in natural light and small, simple bedrooms. The quirkiness of Wright’s design was interesting to see. He didn’t like wasting space on doorways, which was why many of them were very narrow, the smallest being 20 inches wide. Also, many of the walls were very low so as not to interrupt the view of nature. The structure of the house itself was an amazing feat to construct as it is built as a cantilever, or basically, a diving board. After touring the house we stopped by Ohiopyle, which is nearby. We went white water rafting here a couple of summers ago and it was nice to see the river and waterfall in the fall time (bottom photo).

3 thoughts on “Falling Waters”

  1. Thanks Lauren, there was definitely a mid 1960s decor going on inside the house. Morning Cloak, this area of PA is gorgeous in the fall time. Make sure you stop by the house if you are ever nearby.


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