Scarf weather

I had to chaperon an event for my sorority this past Sunday, and I basically was trying to go for an outfit that wasn’t going to make me look like I was trying to dress young, but at the same time, cute enough to pass as a really mature but still young-looking student—that doesn’t sound creepy. Turning 25 really makes you question your youth and vitality in comparison to 20-year-olds. They have 5 years on me. 5! So I went with something easy by re-purposing this shirt dress from summer as a top and then throwing a scarf into the mix, which is why I love scarf weather.
H&M scarf and top; American Eagle jeans; Franco Sarto boots; Silver Mine jewelry (gift)

7 thoughts on “Scarf weather”

  1. I think you did a great job of showing how fashionable you are but appropriate to your age. I love the boots! 3 months from today I turn 26. Yikes. When I went shopping this past weekend I was torn about certain outfits at Urban Outfitters. I know there isn't an age limit on outfits but when I see a girl wearing her high school varsity letter jacket looking at the same dress I was looking at I had to rethink my possible purchase.


  2. Rosanna, we are still so young, I think we should really enjoy wearing things now that we won't be able to wear when we are 30 or even 40! So as long as it's not to crazy, I think you should go for it! Dating Diva, hopefully we will get a few more warm days before it dips down below 30! Fingers crossed!


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