Happy Friday!

I can’t get enough of the styling of this photo. I would absolutely love if I could find this exact outfit while thrifting and create such a perfectly messy up-do. Going to see the boy this weekend, and the weather seems to be cooperating so far. What are you all up to?

Enjoy yours and these links:

Get your vintage and sweet fix at this too-cute store.

Beautiful photos of Edinburgh.

Living in: Breathless (I have to see this move.)

This, Madame, is Versailles.

Reporting in Style

Be just who you are, good advice in any circumstance.

Love this Closet and Casa (especially the quote on the wall)

Destination Wedding: Tuscany
(So jealous that she wore a one of a kind Ralph Lauren dress intended for Giselle)

Love the sparkly Tory Burch holiday guides

Color blocking done right

Hilarious WTF posters

(Photo via Wildfox)

34 thoughts on “Happy Friday!”

  1. Thank you I found it on Flickr. The reflection in the puddle below the car is rotated to be above the photo. And thanks for checking out my blog. I added yours and Bunny\’s blog to my links.


  2. Love Kate Spade, I recently blogged about wanting to discard my whole closet and start from scratch with the vintage-chic collection from Kate. Happy weekend!www.wearingwhiteafterlaborday.com


  3. I was seriously just drooling over a few items in the J Peterman catalog and wondered if anyone else (my age) does that, too!


  4. My closet is also a disaster…it's strange because I try and organize it all the time but it has a mind of its own it seems like. I would say only put clothes that you wear daily on the hangers and put the others away in drawers. As always, awesome links! xoxoxoxoo


  5. lovely lovely outfit, you look amazing and have such good style. i love your blog too, would you like to swap links?!please enter the latest competition to win an LBD!XOXO, BECCAwww.fashion-train.co.uk


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