Difficult dressing

I recently had the unfortunate experience of attending a friend’s father’s funeral. As someone who usually enjoys getting dressed every morning this was not one of those days, nonetheless, appropriate dress was required. I really don’t think it is necessary to involve any type of style or thrill into dressing for an occasion such as this. One should be as understated as possible so as not to take attention away from the situation at hand. That does not mean throw on every possible item of clothing you own that is black. I usually like to use one piece that is very neutral to compliment the black and break it up because unless you are trying to make a statement by wearing all black, then I think wearing all black can be rather unflattering. And making a statement is not what you want to do. Looking good is obviously not the main objective in a situation like this, but I think you should wear what makes you feel most comfortable and what will best help you through the situation. I always feel better when I know I look good. It instantly gives me more confidence, and I think in a way it says, this event is important to me and to remembering that person, so I am going to put my best foot forward; however it is that you decide to do so is up to you.
NY&Co coat; H&M top; Nordstrom cardigan; Skirt (gift); Vintage Ann Taylor shoes; Tights (?)

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