Etsy spotlight: Geauga Roots

My jewelry collection has needed some organization for a while now. I think I even had plans to make my own organization system. That was months ago. So when I found out that my cousin was making these jewelry organizers and selling them on Etsy, under the store name, Geauga Roots, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. She takes vintage and used materials and recycles them to create these beautiful jewelry holders that can be either standing or hung. At $24 these would make great last-minute Christmas gifts or at this point, after-Christmas gifts for yourself. I bought the black and white design pictured above, and I love it. Here are more pieces available in her shop:

Pendleton wool sweater

Most of the sweaters that I saw at the Ohio Knitting Mills Pop-Up Shop featured elaborate patterns and/or bright colors. While I appreciate these vintage designs, I prefer a more classic, simple style, which is why I had to get this Pendleton wool sweater. With the theme of American made in my head, I was crazy about the crew neck. And although you can’t tell by the photos, the color is a very unique rust. I love the way the color looks with this classic navy skirt. For something American made, vintage, 100% wool, and never before worn it is actually a good deal for $48. I wouldn’t be surprised if these sweaters sold out rather quickly as it is a classic and versatile piece for anyone’s wardrobe. It would make a great Christmas gift for the Sartorialist in your life.
Pendleton wool sweater (via the Ohio Knitting Mills Pop-Up Shop); Gap skirt (on sale for $9); Loft tights; Vintage Ann Taylor shoes; J.Crew necklace
P.S. If you are still looking for the perfect Christmas gift, check out the online shop for both Men and Women

Independent Business: The Ohio Knitting Mills Pop-Up Shop

When one thinks of Cleveland, they don’t usually associate the city with the production of clothing. However, at one time, the manufacture of ready-to-wear clothing was one of Cleveland’s leading industries, and during its peak in the 1920s, it ranked with New York City.
The remnants of this bygone industry can be perused and purchased for a brief period of time at the Ohio Knitting Mills Pop-Up Shop on Detroit Road in the Gordon Park Arts District ½ a block from the Cleveland Public Theater.
In the store, you will find an archived collection of mainstream fashions from as far back as World War II.
The story of the Ohio Knitting Mills started in 1927 when Harry Stone began the family business. It eventually became one of the country’s largest knitwear producers, making knitwear for department stores from Sears to Saks, and hundreds of revered labels like Pendleton, Van Heusen, and Jack Winter. Today the story continues as Steven Tatar acquired the rights to sell the perfectly preserved 5,000-plus sample archive.
I was able to visit the store over the weekend and loved being able to touch the textures of the handmade clothing and see in person the unique, bright colors and patterns. If you love vintage American fashion, then you must visit the shop. The prices for clothing vary, ranging roughly between $28-$128. I will be sharing my purchase with you tomorrow in an outfit post, but until then, enjoy these photos and read more about the store at the site and about the Cleveland garment industry here.

Christmas Drink: Red Hos

Red Hos or Bloody Hos:

The boy discovered this recipe a while ago and we have been bringing it to our friend’s annual Christmas party ever since. I like it because framboise is too sweet to drink alone. The Hoegaarden really dilutes it so you still get the fruity flavor without the syrupy consistency. The steps are very simple:

Mix 6 chilled Hoegaarden with one bottle of chilled Lindemans Raspberry Framboise in a large pitcher and serve. It’s that easy. You can add or substract Hoegaarden depending on how sweet you like it.


Winter chic

Yesterday, the high was 26 degrees. So based on the peak in temperature, I thought it would be a good idea to take my outfit pics outside. Too bad the snow is so bright it blinded me, and I am squinting in all of these photos. I was going for warmth and comfort with this outfit. I really like the way the casual knit sweater contrasts with the bright pink, flowy skirt. I feel like these gray, fold over ankle boots add to the contrast of city chic and country chic.
NY&Co sweater; Gap skirt; F21 leggings; Thrifted shoes

Mixing and matching and layering, oh my!

Layering is key for winter. I think I have said that before. Mixing patterns is all the rage right now. I have definitely said that before. Plaid and stripes are two of my favorite patterns to mix. I’m officially a broken record. But for me, I try to maintain a consistent style as opposed to only following trends, and that will result in some repetition. I guess I just wanted to disclose that. And if we are disclosing information, I just tried some exercises inspired by Natalie Portman in “Black Swan”, and I have to say that thinking about how good she looks really motivated me to go to the gym and try these moves. The ab and leg work were quick and challenging and could be done pretty much anywhere. So even if you are in a hurry and have to skip the gym, you still have time for these short exercises. Ok. I am getting off my soapbox.
Ralph Lauren blouse; F21 sweater; H&M earrings and corduroy pants; Thrifted boots