The Christmas Party Circuit

I feel like I have a Christmas party to attend every week this month. Oh wait. That’s because I do. It’s easy to suffer from fatigue and lack of enthusiasm around this time of year as you try to accomplish all of your shopping, go to work, have some me time, and on top of all that try to look good in social settings. That is why I have documented some outfits I plan to wear or have worn already this month to help you through The Christmas Party Circuit.

1. Party at work: You obviously have to play it safe at work. Either green or red, not both. I actually wore this to a sorority alumni Christmas party, but it can work for many occasions. I probably will wear something very similar to this for my actual work party because re-wearing outfits with a group that hasn’t seen it before is key this time of year.
Ralph Lauren sweater and vintage purse; Vintage scarf; Skirt (gift); Anne Klein sweater tights; Franco Sarto boots

2. Party with family: I think this is the time to break out the Christmas sweaters and bright red pants. I actually got these pants for free from H&M when they had a buy 1 get 1 one free sale. They are one of my favorite things to wear. Plus I aspire to eventually be the crazy aunt/sister/cousin who wears bright red pants to Christmas every year! And remember, wear what you want because your family is forced to love you anyways. Unless your cousin is bringing home her new boyfriend for the first time. Then back off!
Cashmere turtleneck (gift); H&M pants; Ann Taylor vintage shoes

3. Party with friends: Try out that trendy look you have been waiting to try. Break out the sequin dress. Now is the time that it will be appreciated when surrounded by your peers. And your friends will be nice enough to tell you look cute no matter what. Also, they wont even notice what you are wearing once you start singing Christmas carols out of tune.
H&M jacket and sweater; Urban Outfitters onsie; Hue tights; Target shoes; Earrings (gift)

11 thoughts on “The Christmas Party Circuit”

  1. I ❤ all three of these looks. My boyfriend's office Christmas party is this Thursday, and I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I want to wear…


  2. WHOA! This is great because you used real pictures instead of a set of items you found, which makes it more real! YOUR LAST OUTFIT IS AMAZING. You look fantastic, and I want to copy that look from head to toe. The red pants are adorable!


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