Mixing and matching and layering, oh my!

Layering is key for winter. I think I have said that before. Mixing patterns is all the rage right now. I have definitely said that before. Plaid and stripes are two of my favorite patterns to mix. I’m officially a broken record. But for me, I try to maintain a consistent style as opposed to only following trends, and that will result in some repetition. I guess I just wanted to disclose that. And if we are disclosing information, I just tried some exercises inspired by Natalie Portman in “Black Swan”, and I have to say that thinking about how good she looks really motivated me to go to the gym and try these moves. The ab and leg work were quick and challenging and could be done pretty much anywhere. So even if you are in a hurry and have to skip the gym, you still have time for these short exercises. Ok. I am getting off my soapbox.
Ralph Lauren blouse; F21 sweater; H&M earrings and corduroy pants; Thrifted boots

3 thoughts on “Mixing and matching and layering, oh my!”

  1. I really like this pattern mixing! It is both subtle and yet bold at the same time – does that even make sense? 🙂 Bottom line – I like it! And I love the earrings!!


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