Pendleton wool sweater

Most of the sweaters that I saw at the Ohio Knitting Mills Pop-Up Shop featured elaborate patterns and/or bright colors. While I appreciate these vintage designs, I prefer a more classic, simple style, which is why I had to get this Pendleton wool sweater. With the theme of American made in my head, I was crazy about the crew neck. And although you can’t tell by the photos, the color is a very unique rust. I love the way the color looks with this classic navy skirt. For something American made, vintage, 100% wool, and never before worn it is actually a good deal for $48. I wouldn’t be surprised if these sweaters sold out rather quickly as it is a classic and versatile piece for anyone’s wardrobe. It would make a great Christmas gift for the Sartorialist in your life.
Pendleton wool sweater (via the Ohio Knitting Mills Pop-Up Shop); Gap skirt (on sale for $9); Loft tights; Vintage Ann Taylor shoes; J.Crew necklace
P.S. If you are still looking for the perfect Christmas gift, check out the online shop for both Men and Women

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