Preppy twist ice cream

A fun way to mix up your wardrobe is to take your typical style, for me preppy, and add a twist. After all, everything is better with a twist. Tropical Twist gum, Chocolate Malt Twist ice cream, dancing, etc. So for this outfit, I paired this black and white striped tunic with a black blazer, gray booties, and dark jeans. It still has its preppy elements: white button up, striped shirt. But the colors and the style of the booties and jacket are more trendy. J.Crew spokeswoman, Lauren Hutton, wears a somewhat similar outfit for her most wanted list on the retailer’s website.
H&M jacket and tunic; NY&Co blouse; American Eagle jeans; Avalon consignment booties

4 thoughts on “Preppy twist ice cream”

  1. I LOVE this! I love how you've added edge to the otherwise classic prep polo shirt – it is fabulous :). And I hope you know that you have the most fabulous head of hair!! 🙂


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