Balancing act

I don’t know about you guys and galz but sometimes I get in a rut when it comes to my work attire. I am always trying to maintain my professional appearance while still expressing my personal style. I feel like this outfit really achieves that. The pencil skirt, although a typical work piece, is in a fun bright color. The gray sweater is more of a relaxed look, however, paired with the pencil skirt it is perfectly acceptable in my business casual office. The necklace helps to dress it up a bit. Looking professional and stylish in the office doesn’t have to be expensive either. The sweater is from H&M and the skirt was thrifted.
H&M sweater; Thrifted United Colors of Benetton pencil skirt; Nine West shoes; The Limited necklace

Great lengths

The trend as of late has been to wear a maxi skirt with a cute cropped knit sweater. Since I did that already, I thought I would play around with different lengths. Because I was going with a longer sweater over top of an already floor-length skirt, I thought it would be a good idea to add my belt to this outfit so I didn’t drown in the long proportions. And because it was another cold day in the Cleve, I wore leggings and socks to keep warm under this skirt. They are black and gray argyle and completely don’t match this outfit, but I don’t care! I feel a little Cruella de Vil with these gloves.
H&M sweater; Forever 21 skirt; Gap belt; Target gloves; Nine West heels; NY&Co. sunglasses

Navy, black and tan

I am skipping right past day 21. That will come later in the week for my guest post. So I am moving right on to day 22. I think it’s interesting that a couple of months ago I was debating whether or not to purchase this blazer at the thrift store for under $5. After taking it home and sending it to the dry cleaner it looked like new and during this challenge it has become a staple in my wardrobe. And yes those are black jeans. The old rules about wearing navy and black have pretty much been forgotten. The warm hue of these boots really brings the colors together. With such a neutral palette, I thought it was the right time to break out the Nars Heatwave lipstick.
Thrifted Evan Piccone blazer; Old Navy top; James Jeans Twiggy Black Cat leggings; Wanted Royalty boots; Nars Heatwave lipstick

Weekend update 30 for 30 challenge

Day 19: Target turtleneck; American Eagle jeans; Banana Republic necklace, Nine West shoes
Day 20: J.Crew cardigan; H&M top: James Jeans; Gap city flats; Nars Heatwave lipstick

Happy Monday all! I hope you have today off from work. I do and I am loving every minute of it. Sleeping in, coffee, and reading my favorite blogs…couldn’t be more perfect. I just wanted to check in with my weekend outfits for the 30 for 30 challenge. I basically lived in skinny jeans so sorry for the lack of variation. I took my first ballet class in years on Friday night and we celebrated my mom and aunt’s (her twin sister) birthday with tacos and birthday sombreros (Vicky Cristina Barcelona soundtrack is great background music for a party). Also, the Oscars are this weekend. I can’t wait for that! I will be posting my ballot for you to see sometime this week, and I would really love it if you could weigh in. And I will be guest posting on another blog so stay tuned for that. Enjoy your week!

The origin of gingham discussed

The gingham shirt has become such a common part of the wardrobe vernacular that it would be redundant for me to try to explain its appeal. I actually can’t even think back far enough to remember its origin or who “started it”. I suspect J.Crew due possibly to the influx of folk bands or maybe its attempt to extend the brand to hermit writers who have had to suffer bear attacks and unruly river currents without their lightweight button-down shirt in Van Buren gingham to protect them. So anyways, I tried to contrast the rural vibe of the gingham shirt with skinny black jeggings and mah shiny purple pumps for day 18 of the 30 for 30 challenge. I am a remixing foool!
c/o of Jack Wills button down; c/o of James Jeans Twiggy Black Cat leggings; Antonio Melani pumps; Ray Ban Wayfarers; Francescas necklace


 My original plan for today’s outfit was this pencil skirt, striped shirt, navy blue tights, loafers, and a neon yellow belt. I had several other bright bells and whistles that I was going to add, but then I remembered journalism 101: K.I.S.S. In the end I went with just a simple blazer and this green glass bead necklace, and I loved the results! Sometimes I don’t accessorize enough and sometimes I tend to over-do it, so something I am learning is control and not wearing every trend that is hot all at once. It was actually something that Habitually Chic author Heather Clawson said in this blog post that made me rethink this outfit. It had to do with the editors from Vogue looking so simple and chic during NYC Fashion Week compared to all of the style bloggers running around overdressed. It stung, but then I realized that I tend to try to be too trendy instead of just stylish. I definitely want to achieve a balance between the two leaning more heavily towards stylish. It’s easy to compare yourself to other style bloggers wishing you had the same clothes when in reality that is what sets you apart—being different. So the moral of the story is: be the first to buy something trendy and then blog about it right away so no one can steal your thunder! Happy Weekend!
Thrifted Evan Piccone blazer, United Colors of Benneton skirt, and Ann Taylor loafers; Old Navy t-shirt; Worthington tights; Banyan Tree necklace