Frozen grapes

Coming out of the gates strong on my first day of the 30 for 30 challenge. Purple skirt and purple tights. Insane, right? The button up and the skirt were obvious choices for the wardrobe remix because I have always wanted to wear them together and never had for some reason, and the bright shades just seemed like a fun mix. It’s almost as if I am employing the techniques of color blocking, but the top would need to be solid blue and not patterned.

Honestly, can I tell you what most excites me about this outfit? You’re probably going to laugh, but it’s the tights. For some reason, I find it endlessly amusing that I have grape purple legs in the middle of winter. They are just so bright and colorful against the dismal white background. It’s as if I am taunting the snow with my bright colors. I think that just proves that if I can get that excited about the accessories of an outfit, it is probably a good thing I took this remixing challenge because accessorizing is something I am bad at remembering to do, but the results of which are something that always make me happy. Like the necklace for instance? I kept meaning to wear it with this shirt, but for some reason just never did. Learn something new everyday.
Button down c/o Jack Wills; United Colors of Benneton thrifted pencil skirt; Worthington (JCPenny’s) tights; The Limited necklace; Vintage Ann Taylor loafers

8 thoughts on “Frozen grapes”

  1. Soooo cute Christina!! I love that purple pencil skirt and I am insanely jealous that you have one 🙂 I love it paired with the checkered shirt!!I hope you're hunkering down for the snowpacolypse you guys are going through!! My thoughts are with you!Small Time Style


  2. I love this combination! I also have a similar shirt in my 30 and I wish I had a purple pencil skirt to pair it with now :)


  3. Greetings : ) Buying online or in-store? which do you go for? just wondering lol.. i love in-store just because i hate waiting it to come! Cheers Abigail


  4. I love this look, it's so sleek and classy, yet the top and purple tights add a touch of whimsy. Im a huuuge fan of making accessories work for you, and girl, you are working these accessories! I especially love the necklace with this top, they seem like they were meant for one another.


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