30 for 30 weekend update

Hello! I just wanted to check in with what I wore for the 30 for 30 over the weekend. The reason I am doing this so late is because I made a long weekend out of it. And with an unexpected long weekend that you didn’t pack for comes with it a repeated outfit. That’s right I had to repeat an outfit. But it was all for a good cause: an extra fun weekend!

So what’s new with you? Did you see any good movies over the weekend? I feel like there are more than enough events to get us through the month of February:

Valentine’s Day
The Oscars

And soon it will be March practically spring. So what are your Oscar predictions? I am thinking it’s going to be hard to choose between James Franco and Colin Firth.

Days 5 & 8: H&M sweater; American Eagle jeans; Piperlime boots; Charming Charlie’s earrings
Day 6: Terry Bradshaw vintage jersey; AE Jeans; Gap city flats
Day 7: H&M sweater; Target scarf; James Jeans leggings; Charming Charlie’s earrings

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