Hair buns and herringbone

So what do you do when your alarm doesn’t go off and you wake up just with just enough time to drive to work? You quickly shower, throw your hair in a bun, and run out the door. Once I made the decision to style my hair in a bun, it was clear to me that I wanted to wear dangly earrings. I knew that my navy blue blazer and fuchsia sweater dress I chose the night before would go well with these gold peacock earrings. What I ended up loving about the outfit was the way the bun looked with my herringbone winter coat. Sometimes it’s nice to appreciate the little details of an outfit. I feel like buns and herringbone coats qualify as unabashedly prep (also a reference to one of my favorite blogs). I feel like it polishes the whole look and reminds of Natalie Portman running around New York City in her winter coat and ballerina bun in Black Swan. In reference to yesterday’s post, I did not see 127 hours either, but I did see the King’s Speech and loved it. I also saw Black Swan and hope it wins for best picture.
Vix coat via Victoria’s Secret; Kohl’s dress; Thrifted Evan Piccone wool blazer and Ann Taylor loafers; Forever 21 earrings; Worthington navy blue tights; NY&Co sunglasses

5 thoughts on “Hair buns and herringbone”

  1. Your hair looks great in a bun. I love wearing big earrings when I put my hair up. My sister said The King's Speech was awesome, I think I might have to go see that this weekend.


  2. I love that you look put together even when running to work. Also, we need to chat about Black Swan when I see you next.-Maria


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