My original plan for today’s outfit was this pencil skirt, striped shirt, navy blue tights, loafers, and a neon yellow belt. I had several other bright bells and whistles that I was going to add, but then I remembered journalism 101: K.I.S.S. In the end I went with just a simple blazer and this green glass bead necklace, and I loved the results! Sometimes I don’t accessorize enough and sometimes I tend to over-do it, so something I am learning is control and not wearing every trend that is hot all at once. It was actually something that Habitually Chic author Heather Clawson said in this blog post that made me rethink this outfit. It had to do with the editors from Vogue looking so simple and chic during NYC Fashion Week compared to all of the style bloggers running around overdressed. It stung, but then I realized that I tend to try to be too trendy instead of just stylish. I definitely want to achieve a balance between the two leaning more heavily towards stylish. It’s easy to compare yourself to other style bloggers wishing you had the same clothes when in reality that is what sets you apart—being different. So the moral of the story is: be the first to buy something trendy and then blog about it right away so no one can steal your thunder! Happy Weekend!
Thrifted Evan Piccone blazer, United Colors of Benneton skirt, and Ann Taylor loafers; Old Navy t-shirt; Worthington tights; Banyan Tree necklace

4 thoughts on “Editing”

  1. Love the shoes with the dark tights and purple. I was reading those Vogue editor profiles too; they seem to have a set uniform and then add hints of a trend here and there.


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