Cleveland fashion event: Spring and Summer 2011 Trend Analysis

Target turtleneck; Thrifted scarf; Charming Charlie’s earrings; Gap skirt; Worthington tights (JCPenny’s); Thrifted vintage Ann Talyor loafers

I have some fun news to share with you! First of all, if you have been keeping track, you will notice that this was day 30 and the last outfit of the 30 for 30 challenge. Yay! I am excited to get the rest of my closet back. I have missed my other clothes! And I am glad to not have the responsibility of taking outfit photos daily.

In other news, I was invited by my fellow local blogger Dina’s Days to attend Fashion Group International Cleveland’s trend analysis and fashion industry party, The Inside Look for Spring and Summer 2011. Industry insiders and fashion enthusiasts from the area were in attendance at the hip and intimate Bodega Lounge on Coventry Road in Cleveland Heights.

Spring and summer fashions were modeled from Knuth’s in Pepper Pike and Westlake and Style Lounge in Beachwood, two of Cleveland’s most unique, fashion-forward boutiques. Trends that were touched upon included safari inspiration in the form of skinny cargo pants and jackets; patterns such as floral print dresses and leopard print jackets; lace and crochet dresses and tops; striped dresses and jackets; ruffles and bright colors.

I couldn’t be more ready for the warmer weather and all of these looks gave me great inspiration. It was fun to be among other fashion enthusiasts and local bloggers, and it was especially exciting to realize what a great industry group we have right here in Cleveland.

If you are interested in getting involved with FGI Cleveland, visit the site here and follow them on Twitter.

Dina from Dina’s Days.

6 thoughts on “Cleveland fashion event: Spring and Summer 2011 Trend Analysis”

  1. Hi, I came over from the Bon Bon Rose Girls. I enjoyed seeing your outfits in the snow – you have a great sense of style! It's also interesting to me because I was born in Cleveland.


  2. I absolutely loved your scarf, I knew it was cute then, but realized how beautiful it is in the picture because it was so dark in there (with the exception of the blinding yellow light) I am so glad we met, and I can't wait to go thrifting with you!


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