The Chameleon

If the two separates I posted about the other day are an alternative to the typical suit, this must either be the anti-suit or just an example of something further from the classic example of a suit. An even greater alternative? If that term makes sense.
I wanted to use what will be the chameleon of my spring wardrobe, skinny cargo pants, to put together a more casual suiting alternative. I am using a loose interpretation of the word suit: a pair of pants and a jacket.
Let’s talk about the pants. The pants are so fitted and structured that they could almost pass as a dressy pair of olive matchstick pants until you get to the cargo pockets and material.
With that in mind, I went for a jacket and blouse that would not be too great of a contrast for these pants as I wanted the outfit to still have a flow of colors and material. I could have created an even greater contrast and wore these bottoms with a tuxedo jacket and white button down blouse, but that’s not really my style. Although I should probably never completely rule it out as an option.
I paired this outfit with my nude heels mostly because they are new, and I was excited to wear them!
Thrifted Evan Piccone blazer; Marshalls button up; Gap skinny cargo pants (on sale in stores; not online); Candies pumps via Kohl’s (on sale); Ray Ban Wayfarers; Silver Mine jewlery

(Style blogging is not as glamorous as it seems. There is a lot of mud. Especially in Cleveland.)

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