Respect your elders…
Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on

I have recently become a fan of the blog Advanced Style. Creator Ari Seth Cohen is a New York City street style photographer and his subjects are older, stylish, creative, and sometimes eccentric, men and women. They are bold in their fashion statements and they are also not afraid to drop some knowledge on you. This is basically the manifestation of wisdom and life experience when applied to style. The old adages seem to be even more true as you get older if you were wondering: “Be yourself” and “Don’t give a hoot what anyone else thinks.” You can listen to the ladies give their opinions on style and fashion trends in a short by Lina Plioplyte.

I am a fan of classic styles so when I see an old woman with a brown leather bag or loafers or a beautiful scarf—something timeless—I really take notice and hope that I will make purchases that can stand the test of time. The hope after seeing that short is that I will know my self well enough now to make purchases that I will appreciate throughout my life—pieces that I am in love with. I think I have heard this expression somewhere before, but I would like to be the best curator of my own style.

The advice from this movie is as timeless as the style. Of course my favorite piece of advice from the short was: “I’m not ready for a convent or anything so I can wear leopard glasses.”

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