It’s electric

With all of the talk about colors lately, I thought I’d take a stab at mixing and matching. I was completely inspired by Jentine of My edit who made me aware of the powerful color combo sitting in my closet waiting to be worn. I honestly didn’t think this combo of colors would be so electrifyingly bright. At work people were blocking their eyes as I walked past them in our bland beige office. What I didn’t realize before I tried this trend was how much one color really plays off the other. The colors combined make each other look much brighter. I wish I would have had one more neutral piece to tone down the brightness of this outfit.

I was going to wear this for the Dressed event I talked about earlier in the week. It was a mildly warm day—around 50 degrees—when all of the sudden we got a freak snow storm. This outfit no longer seemed appropriate so I changed into the gray top I was wearing and my Hunter Wellingtons. See what I mean about spring in Cleveland?
Thrifted top; H&M pants; BR necklace; Candies via Kohl’s shoes

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