My librarian sweater vest

This sweater vest has been in my closet since my days as a sales associate at the Loft. That was my part time gig in college for a little while, back when it was called Ann Taylor Loft. You better believe I enjoyed the discount! It has this professor/librarian look that I totally dig. Layered over my knee-length skirt (also a long-time wardrobe staple) and paired with these wine-colored boots, it also reminded me of the longer hemlines and slouchy boots of the 70s.

On another note, I hoped you could give me some blog advice. I have been thinking of switching platforms. I like Blogger, but I wish I could reply to comments similar to how Disqus works on tumblr. Does anyone work on tumblr and have any opinions on it? And does anyone know if replying to comments can be somehow installed in blogger? I would like to have that functionality for some posts I have planned. I would really appreciate your input! Thanks!
Loft sweater; NY&Co blouse; Skirt (gift from grandma); Franco Sarto boots via Nordstrom; J.Crew jewelry; Drug store headband

I feel like I have massive strength in my sweater vest. Enough strength to push over this tree.

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