Fashion Week Cleveland: Glam party

Fashion Week Cleveland launched this past weekend with events at various hotspots around Cleveland. Equipped with my mother’s vintage dress and military-inspired button down, I headed to the Glam Party Friday night at Dragonfly Lounge and Restaurant. With $10 admission, you received a drink ticket for event sponsor Tequilador’s “Fashion Passion” blue martini and complimentary sushi. The venue with its chic interior was the perfect place to host a fashion-forward party complete with DJ and dance party. Although I didn’t get a chance to taste the sushi, I definitely want to head back for dinner, especially since the menu includes the three S’s: Steak, Seafood, and Sushi. That’s all I really ask of a restaurant. It is a nice compliment to the arsenal of beer-centric, laid back bars and restaurants in the Ohio City neighborhood. “It’s loaded with classic cocktails you rarely see in barland,” wrote John Petkovic in a review for the Plain Dealer.

I could immediately spot the models as they were all significantly taller than me. These gorgeous ladies will be strolling down the runways for Fashion Week Cleveland. They pose for a picture dressed on trend for spring in their prints, whites, brights, and stripes.

Posing with Kimberly from Smitten in Cleveland and Dina from Dina’s Days.

Spotted on

Other Fashion Week Cleveland events:

Saturday, May 7
Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum
9:00 pm – 12:00 midnight 
$60 and $100

Saturday, May 7
Official After-Party of Fashion Week Cleveland
11:00 pm – 2:00 am
No charge

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