Style intelligence: Met Ball

As always there are many trends that I am crushing on this season. (I know I am a trend floosy, but I can’t help myself.) While drooling over the breadth of gorgeousness at the Met Ball, I noticed a couple items that I have been lusting over on the red carpet. Let’s take a look:

I wish Diane Kruger was my best friend because then I could say, “Girl, you better let me borrow those shoes!” She was by far my favorite of the ladies that walked the red carpet for the Gala. I love her ability to choose something fashion forward, such as her maxi skirt and sheer top, while still keeping it classic with her loose waves and red lipstick. Her strappy Manolo Blahniks reminded me of this pair from the L.L. Bean Signature Collection—except for the fact that these will only set you back $139. I have been seeing this style around a lot lately, and I am possibly falling in love due to repetition.

Despite the fact that a white, in fact, lace dress is impossible to wear anywhere because it requires a certain type of moment and you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it at someone else’s wedding, I still love this trend. Chanel Iman looked amazing in her white lace Dolce&Gabbana dress. I am in love with this similar dress at the Loft for $98.

(P.S. Right now Loft is running a 30% off sale on dresses.)

I don’t know what it was about Karlie Kloss, but her makeup and Dior dress just looked stunning. I think she may have used a gold shimmer eye shadow, similar to the color of her dress, and outlined just the edges of her eyes with liner. Combined with the red lipstick she looks amazing. I found this gold shimmer eye shadow on Amazon for $9.99.

What were your favorite trends on the Met Ball red carpet?

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