Wedding wear: Zara

Dressing for a wedding gets difficult in your 20s. You have to find that fine line between age-appropriate and conservative. It’s a wedding after all. I am Someone’s grandma is going to be there judging you. So when it comes to choosing something to wear to a wedding, I am extremely indecisive. Zara has some really nice options all for under $100. The styles look young and contemporary, without showing too much skin. I love Forever 21 as much as the next person, but those dresses are just too darn short! That’s what my grandma said anyways… The bright colors would be really fun for a spring or summer wedding. I had some fun imagining how I would accessorize these two styles:

Zara halter neckline dress, $79.90

L.L. Bean Signature Newburyport heel, $139.00

Margaret Elizabeth Smokey Quartz Nests, $68.00

Martha Stewart Side Chignon DIY

Zara Frilly Dress, $79.90

Gap ankle strap pump, $125

Lauren Elan Abbey, $195

Side ponytail DIY

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