Black tie affordable

Before I go into detail about the runway shows and black tie gala of Fashion Week Cleveland, I wanted to do a little break down of what I wore. Attending a black tie event can seem intimidating, but the choice of what to wear was a no-brainer, as I already owned some pieces that were carefully selected over time.

The dress is White House Black Market. I purchased it 2 years ago for a more formal wedding in Chicago. I got it on Ebay for $40.

The shoes I bought last year at Target for $40. They are black patent, and I saw them as a good investment at a fair price.

The vintage pearl necklace I found when the boy and I took a trip a couple years ago to Columbus. It was $40, but I also saw this as a good investment.

The pearl earrings I bought recently for around $10 at JC Penny’s.

The clutch was bought 2 years ago in Chicago at a boutique called Lori’s for $20.

In total, this outfit probably cost me about $150, which is what I could have spent on a new dress. It just goes to show you that smart investments in classic pieces over time will provide you with a wardrobe that you can rely on.

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