Crocs Translucent Collection

When Crocs first became a wardrobe staple in most households, I was not one of the hoards to go out and buy a pair. People would brag about how comfortable they were, but I was still more concerned with style than comfort. I have always loved dressing up, and my footwear needs have followed suit. So when I found out that Crocs was making fashionable shoes with their signature comfort-inducing materials, I was excited to try them out.

I first had the opportunity to see the Crocs Translucents line strutting down the runways at Fashion Week Cleveland. The collection complimented even the more fashion-forward looks.

When I was given the chance to style these shoes myself with clothes from Cleveland boutique, Banyan Tree, I was sold. The Crocs Translucents line paired well with even some of the dressier pieces I chose, which was the true test for me.

I will be posting the different looks I styled throughout the week. I hope you can draw some inspiration for your summer wardrobe.

This project was truly a collaborative effort. I could not have done it without the help of many people. Thank you to Crocs and Justinea Vidic, Banyan Tree, and Michele Lee for providing the clothing and jewelry for the shoot. Thanks to Kristine Leonard for helping me model the clothes, Sarrah Beyer of Esbi International Salon & Spa for styling our hair, Megan Swanson of Dior for doing our makeup, and Chris Hooton for photographing the shoot.

If there is anything you see and like, all of these people are talented Clevelanders that I can put you in touch with. Don’t hesitate to email me at

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