Crocs and the Night Out Dress

Dress: Figwood via Banyan Tree
Crocs: Carlie Flat in Dahlia/Fuschia
Jewelry: Michele Lee

This is exactly the kind of bright print dress that I love to wear during the summer. It has that flowy bohemian look that is perfect for drinks on an outdoor patio. The dangly antique crystal necklace looks perfect with the higher neckline and catches the different colors like a magnifying glass. To keep it dressy, I chose an open toe in a solid color. I went with purple to keep it fun and compliment the different colors of the dress.

Dress: Banyan Tree
Crocs: Adrina Flat in Aqua Celery
Jewelry: Michele Lee

This dress was a favorite of everyone working on the shoot. I don’t think Kristine wanted to take it off. It’s sexy but not overly so and creates different silhouettes as the dress moves with you. The flowy pattern and bright colors add to the movement. No matter how old you are you want something that you can twirl in. I chose the bright blue Crocs for this one to play off the hints of blue in the dress. Dangly earrings were in order for a dress like this so as not to disrupt the neckline. A light bracelet with green and blue beads compliments the colors without overwhelming the outfit.

Model: Kristine Leonard
Hair Stylist: Sarrah Beyer – Esbi International Salon & Spa
Make-up Artist: Megan Swanson – Dior
Photographer: Chris Hooton

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