Crocs and the Day-to-Night Outfit

Top: Banyan Tree
Crocs: Carlie Flat in Lavender/Ultraviolet
Jewelry: Michele Lee

This outfit can transition from a day date at the Art Museum to cocktails. From head to toe, I was able to compliment all of the colors of the blouse without overshadowing any particular piece. The light hue of the purple Crocs against the army green of the pants mimics the purple and green of the blouse. The purple wrap bracelets just add another interesting element and texture.

Top: Banyan Tree
Skirt: Banyan Tree
Crocs: Carlie Flat Animal Wave in Bronze/Bronze
Jewelry: Michele Lee

I immediately loved the vibrant red of this top. At first I thought of pairing it with jeans, but that seemed a little too expected. Pairing it with this maxi skirt really added the drama it begs for. The turquoise necklace was a natural choice to contrast the red. And because there were no crazy patterns elsewhere, I thought this would be a good opportunity to break out the leopard print Crocs. Although together the red and leopard print may seem cougar-esque, the black skirt safely separates them.

Model: Kristine Leonard
Hair Stylist: Sarrah Beyer – Esbi International Salon & Spa
Make-up Artist: Megan Swanson – Dior
Photographer: Chris Hooton

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