Flight to Charleston

NY&Co. dress (purchased on sale)
H&M blazer (gifted from friend)
Worthington via JC Penny’s pearl earrings
Charming Charlie sandals (gifted from my aunt)
J.Crew necklace
Jack Wills bag
When I fly I like to dress up. Who’s surprised? I’m just not the airport sweatpants kind of gal. It’s not about the age-old argument, “People used to dress up when flying”. It’s just that it’s quite easy to look good and still be comfortable. I am much more comfortable in a dress than jeans or pants. The white blazer not only adds a nice summer touch and compliments the gold jewelry, but it will also manage any climate control issues once on board. A big bag that holds more is just logical when flying. The flip flops slip on and off easily through security. And a good book is a must. I will be finishing Freedom by Jonathan Franzen before starting my beach reading list. Once I arrive, this outfit is appropriate for any occasion whether that is walking the battery or eating lunch at Magnolias. What do you wear when you fly?

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