Halloween decorations: Your first place

I used to love decorating for Halloween. When I was younger, that involved plastering some pretty old-school paper decorations to our front window. I actually wish I had some of those decorations with me at my new place. But the beauty of having your first place is that you get to start accumulating your own collection of holiday decorations. Not wanting to break the bank on my first holiday, I started out small. I think I was able to restrain myself well, but I will still have a good base to start with for next year. Here is my little guide to Decorating Your First Place for Halloween.

1. Mini-Pumpkins: I bought mini pumpkins and spread them around my book case. 

2. Cobwebs: This is an easy and cheap way to add a little mystique to your Halloween decor. Yes. I have all  of the Harry Potter books.

3. Unique finds: I found this Boo sign at an apple farm that also sells home goods. I love how the cursive writing and stripes makes it look like just another piece of the decor, but when you look closer it has cute Halloween message.

4. Lights: Strands of Halloween lights or a light-up pumpkin like this one will instantly make you think of Halloween. Candles would be fun too.

5. Door wreath: This wreath looks like it could have been made from branches and leaves from my backyard, which are some of my favorite natural decorations.

6. Pumpkin and Mums: You can’t decorate for Halloween without a pumpkin on your porch. And nothing looks classier than a set of Mums on your front porch.

Black Magic

I recently saw some bloggers in a campaign for Gap’s black pants. I replaced my black pants with a pair from the Gap when they were having a 50% off sale over the summer. I have been wearing Gap’s pants since high school when I got a pair that had a zipper in the back and no pockets—so sexy! So for round 2 I wanted to make sure I bought a pair that I would really love. In the dressing room I must have tried on every style—curvy, straight, flare, and bootcut. I also tried on a couple of different sizes in these various styles. Let’s just say I was in there for a while. I left the store satisfied with my bootcut black pants. I like the silhouette this style creates the most and this was also the style that fit my body the best. A good pair of black pants can be worn with practically anything and is a must have in any closet.
H&M sweater and earrings; Gap pants; Ann Taylor vintage thrifted loafers; Macy’s bracelet

Oh and I made sure these pants passed the butt test. They look neither stretched nor too loose in this area.

Scary Movie Beauties

I must make an amendment to this post. I just saw Rosemary’s Baby for the first time, and I know this may be going against the grain, but I love her bob so much more than her pixie cut. I realize that she is supposed to look more sickly as the movie goes on so that may be skewing my perspective, but she does look much cuter in the beginning of the movie. And all of her outfits are amazing, especially that plaid skirt and navy blue sweater. 

Around this time of year I always have to get my fix of scary movie classics. You know the type. Movies that at one time were really scary, but now have become outdated in their special effects, but still pack a punch when it comes to time period clothing and phrases. These are scary movies that are definitely my speed.

While watching the Haunting circa 1963, I couldn’t help but get distracted by the fashions of one of the lead characters. The psychic and “modern woman”, Theo, played by Claire Bloom, wore chic black turtlenecks and skinny pants, and sweater dresses and pendants; styles that have made a come back recently.

While seeing a showing of The Birds at a local theater, also from 1963, wealthy socialite Melanie Daniels played by Tippi Hedren impressed me with her style. Her bright pink lips, green eyeshadow and up dos went well with her bright green skirt suit. I also love this classic black ensemble from the beginning of the movie. There must be something about 1963 style that really has me infatuated. If you are looking for an understated and classic Halloween costume this year, I would recommend dressing up like one of these ladies.

California Dreamin…

Mad Men is one of my favorite references for style. Unlike most people, however, my sartorial appetite isn’t satisfied by Betty or even Joan. It’s Don’s casual acquaintances that really tickle my fancy. Remember Midge (season 1) with her cigarette pants and peasant tops? And who could forget Joy from season 2 when Don goes to California? I immediately though of Joy’s iconic 60s California resort wear when I saw this dress at a local consignment shop. The only problem was this dress was just a smidgen small. I consulted my tailor and for $12 I was able to turn this thrifted Loft number into the perfect outfit for a wedding in Raleigh this past weekend.
Loft consignment dress ($20); Candies via Kohl’s pumps; Forever 21 earrings; H&M trench coat; Ray Ban Wayfarers; Coach wristlet
(Photos taken at the capital building in Raleigh)

Updated rugby stripe sweater

It doesn’t get much preppier than a rugby stripe, which is, of course, why I love it. I purchased this Gap sweater at one of their Christmas sales for $15. For the price, it actually is quite a thick sweater and the tan and orange stripes give the sweater an updated look. I of course went for the classic route pairing it with a black skirt, white button down and loafers. There is something about this sweater that makes these worn out classics look cool.
Gap sweater; NY&Co. button down; Vintage thrifted Ann Taylor loafers; H&M earrings 

Yet another use for the gingham shirt

It’s tights weather! When did that happen? It was just skirt weather. I get mildly if not just as excited about tights weather as I do about skirt weather, but only for a second, because then I remember how uncomfortable tights are. This outfit consists of one of my most dressy work pieces and one of my most casual pieces and somehow it just works. I don’t know if it’s because this neutral dress can handle anything I throw at it or because this gingham shirt brightens anything it is paired with. It may be a combination of both, but I was quite happy with this nerdy librarian look I have going on.
c/o Jack Wills button down; H&M dress; Worthington tights; Thrifted vintage Ann Taylor loafers

Fall Comforts

Fall is all about comfort. Pull out the comfy clothes and food because the weather is about to get cooler and the days drearier. Nothing cures a dreary fall weekend like a warm sweater, drinks by the fireplace and a good book. So, curl up and peruse my collection of fall comforts.

H&M sweater pictured has been sold out. A similar sweater from Land’s End, $49.50.
Old Navy ankle boots, $30
Gap dress sold out

Missoni journal, $7.99
Tress idan klein photography, $25
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
Etsy vintage gold glasses, $19.99