Black Magic

I recently saw some bloggers in a campaign for Gap’s black pants. I replaced my black pants with a pair from the Gap when they were having a 50% off sale over the summer. I have been wearing Gap’s pants since high school when I got a pair that had a zipper in the back and no pockets—so sexy! So for round 2 I wanted to make sure I bought a pair that I would really love. In the dressing room I must have tried on every style—curvy, straight, flare, and bootcut. I also tried on a couple of different sizes in these various styles. Let’s just say I was in there for a while. I left the store satisfied with my bootcut black pants. I like the silhouette this style creates the most and this was also the style that fit my body the best. A good pair of black pants can be worn with practically anything and is a must have in any closet.
H&M sweater and earrings; Gap pants; Ann Taylor vintage thrifted loafers; Macy’s bracelet

Oh and I made sure these pants passed the butt test. They look neither stretched nor too loose in this area.

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