Scary Movie Beauties

I must make an amendment to this post. I just saw Rosemary’s Baby for the first time, and I know this may be going against the grain, but I love her bob so much more than her pixie cut. I realize that she is supposed to look more sickly as the movie goes on so that may be skewing my perspective, but she does look much cuter in the beginning of the movie. And all of her outfits are amazing, especially that plaid skirt and navy blue sweater. 

Around this time of year I always have to get my fix of scary movie classics. You know the type. Movies that at one time were really scary, but now have become outdated in their special effects, but still pack a punch when it comes to time period clothing and phrases. These are scary movies that are definitely my speed.

While watching the Haunting circa 1963, I couldn’t help but get distracted by the fashions of one of the lead characters. The psychic and “modern woman”, Theo, played by Claire Bloom, wore chic black turtlenecks and skinny pants, and sweater dresses and pendants; styles that have made a come back recently.

While seeing a showing of The Birds at a local theater, also from 1963, wealthy socialite Melanie Daniels played by Tippi Hedren impressed me with her style. Her bright pink lips, green eyeshadow and up dos went well with her bright green skirt suit. I also love this classic black ensemble from the beginning of the movie. There must be something about 1963 style that really has me infatuated. If you are looking for an understated and classic Halloween costume this year, I would recommend dressing up like one of these ladies.

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