Crocs and Pavement Day 2

For the rest of the week I will be posting looks from my photoshoot with Crocs and Pavement with Pittsburgh as our backdrop. Check back throughout the week for more updates. 

The Smithfield bridge near Station Square was our next location. I love how the girly fashions contrast with the bridge’s steel structure. The flowy bow-tie blouse I am wearing also plays well against the rugged features of these chestnut suede boots and jeans. The combination of tan and turquoise reminds of the American west. I am glad the girls at Pavement talked me out of my comfort zone with this blouse because I was very pleased with the results. Something that will work many different ways is always a great addition to one’s closet.

Pavement blouse and scarf
Crocs Cobbler High Boot in Chestnut

Speaking of American West how amazing are these faux-fur boots? You could definitely do some hiking through a forest in these and not worry about your feet being cold. I love the mixing of brown and black hues and textures. These boots call for an outfit on the more subtle side, but still require a small dose of fashion-forward. This loose knit sweater with its sheer quality and interesting cut provide that. Don’t be fooled by the sheerness of it. This sweater is extremely warm and soft.

Pavement sweater, necklace and belt
Crocs Cozycrocs Fuzz Bootie 
Makeup and Hair by Sarrah Beyer of Esbi International Salon & Spa
Photography by Chris Hooton
Last Photo by Chaz Balasakis

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