TJ Maxx Roundup: Home Organization

I had some Christmas money from my Grandparents burning a hole in my pocket and decided to see if I could spend it in the home section of TJ Maxx. It seems that I can. Having lived in my apartment for close to 6 months now I needed some stylish forms of organization. The shelves in my closet were in desperate need of some way to keep my jewelry neatly placed and not just scattered so I picked up this black and white paisley jewelry holder. I am thinking about going back to get more. I think stacking a couple of these in different colors and patterns would be cute in a shelf.   

The paisley theme continues with this great journal that I found for $5! It makes things like writing out wish lists, thoughts and resolutions a little more official.

Sorting through my mail when I get home is one of the last things I want to do. It’s so bad that I sometimes hide my mail in the closet until a future date when I want to sort it, which is never. Maybe this stylish fleur-de-lis mail sorter will motivate me.

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