Boy talk

Pendleton Ohio Knitting Mills sweater / Avalon Ralph Lauren button down / Sears Fiona pants / Old Navy boots / J.Crew necklace / Michael Kors watch / H&M bag

PB&J, a wink and a smile, Kim Kardashian and divorce…tapered pants and wedge boots? Not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of great matches. However, the wedge of these brown suede booties is just what this tapered 80s throwback needs to be brought up to speed. I like that the boots match the tomboyish look of this outfit, but still bring the sexy with a little heel. I have said it before; I love a good menswear-inspired look. The key to achieving this is to look like you raided Julia Roberts’ closet at any point during the 80s. Speaking of movie/movie stars, I just saw the Artist and highly recommend you go see it. You won’t even miss talkies!

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