Black as Night

I am trying to wear the winter clothes I have been neglecting in my closet this winter while I still have a chance. Strangely, it ended up being 60 degrees the day I wore this outfit, so I was too hot all day. I also witnessed a fight at Forever 21. Apparently some people start fights at malls with their extra 24 hours. Luckily I got out of there unscathed.

Although this may look like a skirt, I am wearing a dress again, this time layered under my black turtle neck. That is twice in one week. I hope you are getting it by now. I couldn’t help the repetition, though. I love the way the two textures of black look together and the way the pearl statement necklace stands out against it. I felt very sleek and classy all day at work. There is nothing like an all black ensemble to make you feel effortless.

H&M sweater and dress / Nine West  shoes / Banana Republic necklace

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