Listen, Read, Watch…

Listen to Santigold’s new single Disparate Youth. Her latest album Master of My Make-Believe comes out May 1. You know her from singles such as Light’s Out. Many compare her to M.I.A. I love the mix of electronic rock/pop.

Read “The Flight From Conversation”, a New York Times Sunday Review opinion piece that states our need for connection via our electronic devices is replacing genuine and more meaningful face-to-face conversations. It’s written by Sherry Turkle, psychologist and professor at M.I.T. and the author of “Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other.”

Watch the live episode of 30 Rock tonight. I am excited to see what special guests they bring on for this year’s romp at an SNL-esque approach to the show.

Colored jeans: A nautical take

H&M jacket, pants and shirt / Candies shoes via Kohl’s / Riley necklace / Michael Kors watch
Generally your bottom half does not get a lot of love when it comes to exciting colors. It’s a life of boring blue jeans, black leggings and beige work pants. That is until you purchase a pair of colored jeans. I love them paired with polka dots, I love them paired with brights, I love them in a house and I love them with a mouse… Anyways, I was inspired by fellow Pittsburgh blogger, Stylish White Female, to get a little more nautical by pairing them with a striped t-shirt and a structured white blazer for a casual Friday look at work. How do you wear your colored jeans?

Budget Buy: Black Dress Boots

Sears jacket / Forever 21 top / skirt (gift) / Riley Chicago / Ray Ban Wayfarers / Michael Kors / Rampage boots
At my old job a retirement adviser would come in once a year and give us tips on how to save more money to stash away in our 401(k)s. Some of the best advice she gave was to buy off season. I decided to take that advice when Dilliard’s was having a sale on all of their boots. I was in need of a pair of dressy black boots and these fit the bill for $20! I usually hate buying something toward the end of a season because I am too impatient, but our finicky spring weather has given me the opportunity to break them out early.

Summer Inspiration: J.McLaughlin Look Book

While browsing Unabashedly Prep the other day, I came across this photo shoot he did for J.McLaughlin’s Summer 2012 Lookbook in Gasparilla Island in Southwest Florida. As I am currently bundled up due to a frigid and unwanted cold front moving through the area, I thought we all might need to daydream about breaking out our white denim, gingham and walking barefoot in the sand. Also see A Cup of Jo’s post on Lemonade Stands.
(All photos by F.E. Castleberry)

Bridal Shower Attire

 Calvin Klein dress / Francesca’s necklace / Candies via Kohl’s shoes / borrowed Weiss pin
Bridal showers are one of those events that constantly have me going and back and forth in my mind about what I want to wear. I am always at the brink of going to the mall and just buying a completely new outfit because I can’t decide on anything in my closet. It’s always a toss up between conservative and traditional and contemporary and young. I see people pull off both styles amazingly well, but there is a fine line between looking frumpy if you go the conservative route and looking too sexy if you go with contemporary. As one of the bridesmaids, I chose to go with this Betty Draper-esque day dress. I knew I would be standing in front of grandmas and aunts of the bride who may not appreciate a more contemporary look. So I am really curious, what do you wear to bridal showers? Does it change if you are a bridesmaid?

Giveaway: VIP Fashion Week Cleveland & GlamJam Tickets

I’m happy to announce that I am giving away tickets to Fashion Week Cleveland’s GlamJam Festival on May 5, as well as a pair of VIP tickets to the Black Tie Gala and Runway Shows on May 12. Events this year will be held at the historic Halle Department Store building in the theater district downtown.

The GlamJam party, dubbed as a couture carnival, promises to provide an interesting time with wearable art presentations, DJ Kynce of Z107.9 Cleveland and gourmet food trucks. I can vouch for the food trucks. You don’t want to miss out on the Fired Up Taco Truck.

From my experience at the show last year, I would recommend getting to the Runway Show early to grab a cocktail and see all that Fashion Week Cleveland has to offer. This year peruse the Halle Department Store Fountain Room Exhibits, check out the new Fiat 500 and browse the Pop-up Boutique Mall, all while listening to the musical styling of Nights.

These events are the perfect excuse to get out, get dressed up and experience Cleveland in a new and different way. I went last year and had the opportunity to see so many up-and-coming local designers including BBG Couture by Britini Brocker, whose romantic designs I just fell in love with. It’s also a way to meet people who share your passion and interest in fashion. VIP tickets are normally $100, so this really is a great giveaway!

If you live in or around Cleveland, see how you can enter to win below!

Earn One Entry on a Once a Day Basis by:

1. Posting in the comments indicating the reason(s) why you should receive VIP treatment to Cleveland’s Fashion Week.

2. Following @CLE_FashionWeek and @cphillis07 on Twitter (This is included as one entry). Then tweet: “I just entered @cphillis07’s blogger giveaway contest for a chance to win free tickets to @CLE_FashionWeek & you can too!  Enter here: link here”

3. Posting a picture of yourself on Twitter wearing your most fashionable outfit accompanied with the following tweet: “@CLE_FashionWeek and @cphillis07, I love this outfit because…”

Deadline and Additional Details: You have until Saturday, April 21 at 11 a.m. to enter. Winners are asked to take photos at the events and write a quick summary of the events, which will be posted on the blog.

Good luck!