Thrift List

I try to keep a mental list of specific things to look for when I walk into any thrift or consignment shop. These places are, as you know, disorganized and chaotic. It’s overwhelming. So having something in mind keeps your shopping trip quick and stress-free. Here are some items on my thrift list.

1. Coffee table books. I love a good stack of coffee table books. I have a small chair hanging out in my apartment that could use a good pile of coffee table books to liven it up. Although I have never found a coffee table book in my thrift store searches, I hold out hope that some rare edition of a really cool book is out there. (Top D Magazine; Bottom Ashley Brooke Designs)

2. Vintage Bar Cart. I have come across a few of these and none were ever in great condition. I am starting to realize that a good one is very rare and will be snatched up quickly by the nearest Mad Men enthusiast. However, I would settle for a classy tray. (Top Design Improvised; Middle Bump Smitten; Bottom Grace and Ivy)

3. Weathervane. The next time I am on the east coast, I am going to have to make the effort to stop into an antique shop. It’s doubtful that I will find anything that is not a recreation by Pottery Barn this far west. I have a very long built in book shelf that is in need of some cool decoration. I thought the witch would be cute for Halloween. Sorry I’m a Harry Potter Fan.

What’s on your thrift list?

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