Fall Fashion Fox 8 News Segment

In case you missed it, here is the news segment that I was on to discuss fall fashion and promote the blogger panel discussion this Saturday. Online Style: Blogging Local Fashion takes place at 10:30 a.m. at Nexus Cafe downtown. You can purchase tickets here and save $4 when you use promo code: COSMOCLE. As you can see I was joined by my fellow bloggers, Allison from Fashionably Cleveland, Dina from Dina’s Days and Jessica from the Midwest Muse. Thanks so much to Fox 8 News for everything! We had a great time and really appreciate the press.

After the jump I fill you in on what it was like to be on a live news show.

I had never been on the news before (not counting that time for school choir), and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The Fox 8 anchors and staff were refreshingly nice and down to earth. It was so cool to watch them go through the motions of putting on a morning news show like it was any other job. Everyone was surprisingly calm. I don’t know why, but I had this image of a bunch of people running around behind the scenes to get everything done. It was much more seamless than I expected.

When we arrived, we were ushered into the green room where we could touch up our hair or make up. As the anchors delivered the news, we were on the other half of the stage being shown where we would be sitting, and in what order, and what questions to expect when it was time for our segment. Then we were “mic’d up” as they call it. While we were waiting to go on, they filmed some live teasers of us standing and waving or just standing and posing. It felt really funny to stand there and pose into the camera. Luckily we all have had a little practice posing.

When it came time for our segment, I thought I was going to be really nervous, but everything happened so quickly I didn’t have time to be nervous. It helped that our news anchor, Kristi Capel, was joking around with us before we went on and made us all feel really comfortable. I have to say being on live television was just plain fun. It was so cool to meet Wayne Dawson, the news anchor I have been watching since I was a little girl.

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