Dressed Up Puffer Vest

 I could not share a puffer vest outfit without talking about the newest trend: the dressed up puffer vest. You may scoff at the idea, but I happen to think the puffer vest adds the perfect amount of sporty attitude to your typical corporate outfit. The only tough decision is deciding when to take the puffer vest off. My office has a more corporate feel to it, but at a more casual office you could probably wear it all day (which I may have done while I was in my cubicle when no one was watching). The puffer vest really should be used in moderation and as outerwear as it was intended.

Old Navy Puffer vest
Gap pants and blouse
Nine West shoes
The Limited belt and necklace

Winter Work Outfit: Long Layers

Here is an outfit that achieves the amount of warmth I need on a day when it is 6 degrees out, but still has a nice silhouette. To picture my outfits lately, think of Randy from A Christmas Story with all of his layers. I also like that the pleated skirt just flairs out at the bottom, making this look like one piece. Scroll down to see another way I wore this sweater.

H&M sweater, earrings and necklace
Arden B skirt
Franco Sarto boots via Nordstrom

H&M sweater
Gap belt
Forever 21 skirt
Target gloves

Winter Outfit: Puffer Vest

For all of you ladies and gents who live in places where the snow is unrelenting and the cold weather is  seemingly never ending, this post is for you. Generally, my strategy in winter is to wear the warmest outfit possible. OK — so sometimes I just wear the cutest outfit possible, but the point is winter dressing gets old fast. I start to feel like I am watching reruns of a TV show. Actually, it turns out I am watching reruns of a TV show because Friends has been off the air for 8 years. The point is I am wearing my Marty McFly puffer vest (as my boyfriend refers to it), layered over a chambray shirt, layered over a striped tank, with a floral print scarf on top. How’s that for some creative winter dressing?

Old Navy vest
Target button down and scarf
H&M tank
Gap jeans
Hunter Wellington boots

Spring Outfit Idea: Florals

Let’s pretend for a minute that spring is actually not that far away. This floral print dress is one of those designs that sticks out to me from Target. As of recently, Target has done a pretty good job of interpreting trends into sophisticated designs. Sometimes they still loose me –— especially with their tiger whisker jeans, but Target has become one of my regular haunts. The prices get even better in their clearance section. I totally envision this dress with a yellow shoe. What do you think?

First Lady Copy Cat

I saw some pictures the other day of Mobama wearing a dress with this exact same print. I purchased my skirt at a consignment shop (originally from Target). I was happy to see we share the same excellent taste. Either that or Michele is reading my blog for style tips. I am going to go with that option. Just to see how it feels for a few moments.

This skirt and jacket were two of my best finds from my local consignment shop, which is closing (insert sad face). The skirt was a little big, but I fell in love with the print so I took it to my tailor to have it taken in. I love the results!

Tulle jacket via Avalon
Target turtleneck
Target skirt via Avalon
Franco Sarto Boots via Nordstrom
J.Crew necklace

New Year’s Resolution

After starting off the year with a quick trip to the emergency room, I am slowly realizing that I need to take better care of myself. So for my New Year’s Resolution I want to carve out more time in the day to just relax and do something enjoyable. I often feel unproductive if I am not working on a self-assigned project or running an errand. Now that I am taking classes at night for my MBA and working full time, it’s more important than ever to not let myself get burned out. Free time hear I come! What about you?