The Oscars

 Photo via the Huffington Post

I love the Oscars! The boy and I watch every year, and we make an honest attempt to see at least all of the Best Picture Nominees — and sometimes even the shorts or some foreign language films. This weekend we will be playing catch up trying to fit in Life of Pi, Amour and Beasts of the Southern Wild. I don’t think we’ve ever been so behind. To get caught up on all of the buzz, and hopefully give myself an edge in his family’s annual ballot race, I have been tuning into NPR’s coverage of the Oscars as well as some other sources. One of my favorite interviews was with comedian Dave Boone, who has written for the Academy Awards eight times. I also love seeing the different red carpet looks, and of course, reading about all of the carnage the next day. I am going to attempt to do some live tweeting while watching so make sure to follow my twitter handle: @cphillis07. And make sure to fill out your ballots!

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