Meat and Cheese Board

As winter drags on I am finding that I need something to help me get through the last leg of this journey, and I am not a fan of the in flight movie. So the other night the boy came over and we caught up on The Office, feasted on meats and cheeses and drank Peroni. I am not an expert with this sort of thing so I let someone at Market District tell me what I to do. “An Asiago cheese would be nice to compliment the pepper salami,” said the helpful store associate. Ok, sounds good! The olives, I was able to pick out using my own devices, and are a greek mix with feta and kalmata from the olive bar. This isn’t going to make spring weather come sooner, but it did make me feel better in the mean time. Do you have any favorite meat and cheese pairings?

Polka Dots and Emerald

When life hands you more winter, I say you should wear more polka dots. The day I put together this outfit, I was mustering all of my strength not to throw on a garbage bag and call it a day. I could not be more sick of my winter wardrobe. This week I have gone into complete survival mode. I locate anything that is warm and goes together relatively well and I throw it on with little consideration for style. It’s just like Man vs. Wild over here. How are you fairing in the final stretch of winter?

Old Navy sweater
J.Crew polo and necklace
Max Studio skirt from TJ Maxx
Michael Kors watch (gift)
Thrifted Ann Taylor shoes

Blue Equestrian

This dress goes with everything. It fits almost any occasion — baptisms, work, date night — and the list goes on. Here I have styled it with a scarf and riding boots, but for New Year’s Eve and other special occasions, I have paired it with a long silver necklace and heels. I especially love this equestrian look because it looks like something you would see in a Ralph Lauren ad, but everything in the look besides the boots was under $20. This dress was one of the major deals my Mom and I found on Christmas eve. It was marked down to $15! It was totally worth it!

The Limited dress (gift)
Consignment scarf
Halogen boots
Michael Kors watch (gift)

Pocket Flair

I have expressed my love for menswear-inspired looks many times. Sometimes it’s nice to don a look that has few frills and details. It also has the effect of making my mind feel less cluttered. Like I don’t have to worry about my outfit because it’s clean and simple. Just one more thing to check off the worry list. Is that what Mom’s say? Does anyone else get that feeling? I think my favorite detail about this look is the pocket square. It adds just the tiniest bit of flair to an otherwise simple color palette.

Thrifted Evan Piccone blazer
Thrifted Ralph Lauren button down
Thrifted pocket square 
James Jeans
Halogen riding boots