Love to My Mamma

 While I was home this weekend for the Goodwill Good Style Fashion Show, I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with my Mom to celebrate Mother’s Day. My Mom actually helped me out a lot with the fashion show. Since I did all of my shopping for the show in Cleveland, I left the outfits at my parent’s house when I went back to Pittsburgh. My mom washed and ironed every look for the show. Not to mention, she provided her always-encouraging moral support while shopping and getting ready for the show.

Thanks Mom!

My sisters and I treated my Mom and ourselves to dinner in Little Italy at Tratorria. This neighborhood, close to the art museum and Cleveland Clinic campus, is one of my favorite places to visit while in Cleveland. During this visit, I was really able to walk around looking through boutiques and stopping for a few pictures. The neighborhood truly represents old meets new. There are still brick-lined alleyways and many very old businesses remain, but there are also new restaurants and new boutiques popping up along the busy sidewalks.

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