A Beautiful Striped Shirt & Gatsby

This is what I wore while I was home last weekend visiting my goddaughter and friends. It was a little overcast and chilly so I made sure to cover up with my trench coat. After the fashion show, I couldn’t wait to use this purse, which was one of the accessories. A J.Crew purse for only $10!

We made plans to see the Great Gatsby, and it was everything I hoped it would be. Baz Lurhman’s typical over the top style was the perfect compliment to the themes of gross excess and decadence. Many of the great lines from the book are retained and framed against beautiful scenes of sequined flappers as well as the dirt and grime of a struggling working class. Leonardo DiCaprio was a spot-on Gatsby, and for the first time since Titanic, I actually thought he looked really hot. Everything from the music to costume design make this movie a must see — especially for those particularly in love with style from the Jazz Age.

Old Navy shirt and shoes
Gap pants
Goodwill J.Crew purse
Marshalls necklace
H&M trench coat 

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