Shopping My Closet

I dug this shirt out of the recesses of my closet as I was looking for something new to wear with these pants. I’ve definitely rocked the stripe with these pants before, but I really love how complimentary this shade of blue is with orange. This shirt was on its way to Plato’s Closet if not for that. Creating an outfit that I’ve never worn before using this old as dirt shirt and $15 pants makes me feel good about my ability to shop my own closet. I think I am just trying to wear as many summer clothes as I can before fall gets here. Although, I have to say I am maybe just a little too excited for fall. That’s why I’m sharing a pretty summer bouquet at the end of this post. Summer always feels too short.

Are you excited to wear fall clothes or are you holding on to summer? 

See how I paired this shirt with a Neon Belt here

Old Navy Top
Loft Pants
Nine West Shoes
Banana Republic Necklace 

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