Minimalist Style

Details: Coat / Pants / Shirt / Shoes / Brilliant Earth Necklace, Ring and Earrings
As I get older and more mature, I am becoming much more sure of my style and tastes. Lately that means I am longing for simple style that is not over complicated. I look much harder at the quality of an item and its lasting power in my wardrobe. I long for a wardrobe with many tried and true reliable staples, but I also see room for some wow-factor pieces that bring excitement to even the simplest of outfits.  If I had to define my style, it would probably by something to the effect of everyday style with a twist.
When I am structuring my outfits I like to keep my jewelry simple so I can let those wardrobe staples or wow-factor items really stand out. These minimalist selections from Brilliant Earth could easily become everyday staples — and the diamonds are conflict free. I am completely smitten by the rose gold moon earrings. They would be the perfect little piece of intrigue for a brunch date or shopping trip.

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