Bright on Bright Work Wear

After being on vacation for a week, I needed something simple for my first day back to work. I chose this dress because it never requires ironing. It’s a $20 purchase from Gap that will continue to more than pay for itself in time saved. This jacket that I purchased from Goodwill years ago was a last minute decision as I was rushing out the door. These colors just complement each other so well that the bright colors do not feel overdone. Not to mention, I have complementary burn tan.

Details: Goodwill jacket; Gap dress; Fergie sandals via Shoe Department; Ily Necklace

$5 Floral and Striped Dress

I celebrated my 29th birthday over the weekend. Another year has passed, and I still have yet to feel older or different. When asked randomly how old I am, it’s remarkable if I can remember. It definitely feels like time is speeding up the older I get and the years are starting to blend together. Luckily, I celebrated my birthday with a very memorable 12 mile bike ride around Pittsburgh with the boy. No matter how old you are riding your bike will make you feel like a kid again.

We celebrated my birthday with a cookout at our friend’s new house that night, and I donned this great little number that I picked up at Goodwill for $5. I love how it does all the work for you by combining stripes and floral print. I played around with the styling a little bit for these picture and I love how the jean vest looks. It adds another layer without making you sweat in the summer heat. The jean vest takes it from party frock to music festival in an instant. Yet another versatile find from Goodwill.

Details: Dress and vest via Goodwill / sandals via Shoe Department / Riley necklace

Patriotic Peplum

Every year, I go back and forth between wearing something very patriotic and more subtle for the 4th of July. This year, I feel like I want to take the more laid back subtle approach. It is a holiday after all and my birthday is the day after. So there will be plenty of chances to wear dresses and look fancy this weekend.

I feel like this outfit still feels appropriately patriotic with its nautical stripes and a little bit fancier because of the peplum. Also, these shorts that I scored at J.Crew Factory for $19 have been my go-tos this summer. I can’t believe I ever doubted the need for green shorts in my life. J.Crew Factory has marked down their shorts again until July 8. You can shop for them here.

Details: J.Crew Factory shorts / Old Navy top and necklace / Tommy Hilfiger shoes / J.Crew purse

How to: American Flag on Canvas

I’m getting excited to see the fireworks on Friday. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I got the idea to make this American flag when I saw this Jute Canvas on sale at Michael’s. It’s great for a book shelf or as the centerpiece at your 4th of July get together. This flag is versatile enough to sit out all summer and it was very easy to make.

Read my instructions after the jump.

What You Will Need:

  • 1 tube of red acrylic paint, 1 tube of blue acrylic paint 
  • Jute canvas 
  •  Masking tape or painter’s tape
  • Star sticker

1. Measure out equal sized stripes and evenly spaced stars and use a colored pencil not much darker than the canvas to mark everything. It doesn’t matter if you have exactly 13 stripes or 50 stars like our flag just as long as everything looks even. I used the width of the masking tape that you will see in step 2 to understand how large my stripes should be. It is helpful to know the actual dimensions of the American flag so you know how large to make the blue area with the stars and how large to make the rest of the flag. The blue area is about 40% of the flag while the striped area of the flag is about 60%.

2. Place masking tape or painter’s tape on every other line. Evenly place the star stickers in rows.

3. Paint your flag while being careful not to let the colors bleed together. I used acrylic paint mixed with water. When you are painting the blue over the stars be sure to press with the brush instead of stroking so as not to lift up the edges of the stickers. I ended up pressing too hard and some of the paint leaked under the stickers. Let the paint dry at least a day before you remove the stickers and tape.