How to: American Flag on Canvas

I’m getting excited to see the fireworks on Friday. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I got the idea to make this American flag when I saw this Jute Canvas on sale at Michael’s. It’s great for a book shelf or as the centerpiece at your 4th of July get together. This flag is versatile enough to sit out all summer and it was very easy to make.

Read my instructions after the jump.

What You Will Need:

  • 1 tube of red acrylic paint, 1 tube of blue acrylic paint 
  • Jute canvas 
  •  Masking tape or painter’s tape
  • Star sticker

1. Measure out equal sized stripes and evenly spaced stars and use a colored pencil not much darker than the canvas to mark everything. It doesn’t matter if you have exactly 13 stripes or 50 stars like our flag just as long as everything looks even. I used the width of the masking tape that you will see in step 2 to understand how large my stripes should be. It is helpful to know the actual dimensions of the American flag so you know how large to make the blue area with the stars and how large to make the rest of the flag. The blue area is about 40% of the flag while the striped area of the flag is about 60%.

2. Place masking tape or painter’s tape on every other line. Evenly place the star stickers in rows.

3. Paint your flag while being careful not to let the colors bleed together. I used acrylic paint mixed with water. When you are painting the blue over the stars be sure to press with the brush instead of stroking so as not to lift up the edges of the stickers. I ended up pressing too hard and some of the paint leaked under the stickers. Let the paint dry at least a day before you remove the stickers and tape.

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