Green and Purple Wear to Work

Summer is still alive and kicking so I am not yet abandoning this tried and true formula: floral prints + brights = fashionable yet easy wear to work outfit. With this outfit in particular, I was proud of myself for trying the mix of purple and green ā€” a color combination I don’t try that often but really like. The green flower print pattern definitely elevates this look past your typical color blocking. It’s like color blocking on caffeine. This look was relatively inexpensive to create when you consider I purchased the top at Goodwill for about $4 and the skirt at a consignment shop for $20.

Details: Thrifted Old Navy blouse / J.Crew skirt via Avalon Exchange / Nine West Pumps / J.Crew Factory necklace

2 thoughts on “Green and Purple Wear to Work”

  1. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog while googling wardrobe remixing šŸ™‚ I love your hair!The reason that I comment, however, is this: I noticed your recent photos have a blurry area in the middle and – I know because I have this happen to my own camera – I think you just need to gently clean your camera's lense with a very soft microfibre cloth. Or take it to the photographing store for a cleaning. I bet your photos will look brighter and sharper with the few seconds of cleaning!Best wishes and Autumnal greetings from Finland!


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