A few of my favorite things

I’d like to start the year by sharing a few of my favorite things from 2017. This is not only a way to share what I feel are great products and finds, but also a way to reflect on a year of smarter purchases. As I look through old blog posts, I seem to start every year with the goal to save more money. And that goal has morphed to not only include saving more money each paycheck, but saving more in the long run by purchasing clothing and products that I know will give me long-lasting value. As I look back at 2017, I am proud of myself for making fewer, smarter purchases. Here are the ones that I thought were worth sharing:

Everlane Modern Loafer $168
I bought these loafers for our trip to Rome. I wanted a shoe that could handle all of the walking while disguising my tourist status. I followed the old adage “do as the Romans do” and bough Italian leather loafers. I knew these shoes would be a wardrobe staple long after I left Rome. They have a cool, modern vibe yet a timeless quality. I thought the wine color would be a really interesting choice and something that could go with most outfits. Though I was sad to find out that not even these shoes could handle the amount of walking we did in Rome, they are still really comfortable for everyday wear.

Level 99 Jeans, $89.50
Finding a good pair of jeans is liking finding a really good hair dresser or dentist. You never look back. I haven’t tried every brand of jean under the sun, but I’ve tried enough to know what I am looking for. These have a really flattering fit that doesn’t seem to stretch out and a nice color that doesn’t seem to fade. They are definitely on the tighter side and are more like a thinner jegging than a thick denim. The high waist makes them an unlikely candidate for wear on Thanksgiving, but I like the silhouette they create when I am not worried about fitting into my pants.

Zella Leggings, $52
It turns out that when you invest a little money in a nice pair of leggings they are actually quite flattering as pants. Who knew? I am still testing out the best way to wear these. It’s normally with a longer top or tunic. Either way the material is thicker like a pair of athletic pants. I am guessing these could be worn to the gym. I usually wear them around the house or when I am traveling and want to be comfortable. They aren’t quite Spanx, but they definitely feel more supportive than regular leggings. As I get older, I am finding that I need that support in the right places.

STOREE Sweater via Nordstrom, $26.98
This sweater was another purchase for Rome and although it is on the trendier side, its simplicity makes it yet another timeless option. This photo feels like a scene from a movie: charming young American having the time of her life in Rome. It’s definitely the shirt that makes it. This picture will always make me glad that I bought this shirt for our trip.

(Side note: I have been really impressed with Nordstrom’s selection of quality clothing at mid-level prices lately. It seems like they’ve gone beyond stocking these options in just their junior’s section and have filled this need for the 30ish crowd with brands like Halogen, Leith and ASTR the Label to name a few.)

Nadri Ring, $55
I am not a huge jewelry person. I have the staples: a chunky necklace, a boyfriend watch, a pearl necklace, etc. But I rarely gravitate toward jewelry purchases. This ring really caught my eye because of its simplicity and interesting criss-cross design. I wear this pretty much every day and it goes with basically everything. I sort of have a thing for rose gold, so you’ll see me rocking that color on the regular. I love how delicate and dainty it is. A nice departure from some of the clunkier jewelry that has been popular lately.

Sperry Saltwater Duck Boots, $99.95
I bought these later in the year so it’s hard to count them in my list of favorite purchases from 2017, but I have to share these because I have worn these every day since they arrived in the mail. They have been so great in this snowy, cold weather. Because of the rubber soles I don’t worry about them with all of the salt and the darker leather is more subtle than your typical manila-folder inspired duck boot. I prefer these over my Hunter Wellingtons in the winter because of their small size. They are easy to fit in my gym bag, are less cumbersome, and look really stylish with just about any outfit.

So that’s my list of 2017 favorites. In 2018, I hope to continue on this path of saving my money to invest in closet staples with a few fun pieces mixed in. I’d love to know what your best buys were in 2017!

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