The Perfect Holiday Top + Thanksgiving Traditions


Madewell Top / H&M Jeans / J.Crew Factory Necklace / J.Crew Factory Shoes

I’m officially home for Thanksgiving! Yay! I drove in Thursday and have been working from home this whole week. When I can’t take paid time off around the holidays working from home is the next best thing. It means I get a bonus weekend in Cleveland! Over the weekend, I made sure to squeeze in as much fun as possible. I went shopping with my mom and sister, had dinner with our friends and their two kids (where we played a rowdy game of pie face), and spent a lot of time snuggling my niece.

I also had the opportunity to work with Cleveland photographer and videographer David Dabney. We took outfit photos in one of my favorite places: the Cleveland Museum of Art.  Since moving to Pittsburgh, I’ve tried to keep some of my favorite Cleveland holiday traditions alive. One of those is visiting our grand art museum. Seeing the white marble façade, classic architecture, and familiar paintings always make me feel at home. It’s awesome to have such a world-renowned museum in our backyard and one that’s free. When you’re able to wander the museum as much as you want, it starts to feel like your own personal collection. My family’s favorite paintings feel like they belong to us just as much as they belong to the museum.

Speaking of family traditions, this Thanksgiving is even more special because it’s the first one we’ll be celebrating with my new niece. My family is completely smitten. It’s also the first one as an engaged couple. I can already tell that this holiday season leading up to the wedding will be especially memorable. My aunt and grandma host Thanksgiving ever year and there’s always way more food than anyone could ever imagine eating. We watch the Macy’s day parade, relax on the couch, and break the seal on Christmas movies. I usually try to dress comfortably, but in a unique print or elevated fabric to make the occasion feel special. When I saw this Madewell velvet wrap top, I knew it would be perfect. I love the material, but I also love the color. It will definitely be making an appearance several more times this holiday season.

What holiday traditions do you love to keep alive?


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